Friday, March 21, 2014

Guide and Cookbook for Being a Healthy Vegetarian Post 20

During these past two weeks I decided to attempt to make sushi, and much to my surprise I accomplished it. It wasn't as hard as I thought, and the only part I failed was the filming or any documentation of the process of making it or the finished product. I attempted filming it, but midway my phone died resulting in the loss of the entire clip, and I got too excited at the end devoured it before picturing my masterpiece. I thought thy it was just shockingly an easy food to make, but than my mom attempted to make a roll that resulted in more of a sushi rice, seaweed, avocado, and cucumber salad. I'm realizing that I'm actually pretty good at this whole cooking thing which make me happy because it's a life skill, so when everyone is eating Ramon Noodles in college, I can make myself some sushi. 
I am unsure of what I am going to make next, but I will be making something soon. For the cookbook that I was planning on making, I'm not sure how that will turn out. I will probably have a makeshift collection of the recipes I used, rather than an actual cookbook. That's kind of disappointing but I just don't think I have time to make a legit cookbook. It's not set in stone what I plan on doing yet but I just don't see it happening. Overall so far this project is going really well and I'm happy about it.

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  1. I'm glad to hear making sushi was easy. I got a sushi press as a present three years ago and have yet to use it! Maybe this will give me motivation to make it sometime soon. Will your cookbook be electronic or paper?