Friday, February 14, 2014

Guide and Cookbook for Being a Heathy Vegetarian Post 17

This week I attempted the tortilla soup and cheddar biscuits again, but this time it ended up in a bowl, not all over my floor and kitchen! It was definitely worth the trial and error. When I ate chicken, California Pizza Kitchen's chicken tortilla soup was my favorite, when I looked up the recipe I noticed the only chicken in it was the broth, which was a very easy fix, so I swapped that with vegetable broth, and it tasted great. It was pretty spicy, but I added some tortilla strips and cheese and it was amazing. The cheddar biscuits were inspired by Red Lobsters, though I've never actually ate there, I have heard how good they are, so I used a mock recipe and they definitely are as good as everyone says. This was definitely the most difficult and time consuming meals I have prepared thus far. The soup had specific timings so in order to not burn anything I had to chop everything up before hand and add ingredients accordingly. The biscuits were relatively easy, but very messy and sticky. I would give the meal a 4 out of 5 because it was quite spicy and hard to make.
My family devoured the meal and thought it was amazing. They loved the biscuits and they were gone in seconds, and the soup was also enjoyed. So far all my meals, besides the first attempt of this soup, have gone very well, I have had little difficulty and everything has tasted great. A lot of these foods I wouldn't have ever tried, let a lone made, with out this project. My meal pallet consisted of pasta, rice, quesadillas, broccoli, and sushi, now I know I actually do like more food than I had thought, which is good because I can actually look forward to meals, and I'm actually getting nutrients. Since being a vegetarian I know I am not very nutritious, I don't get the vitamins and essential nutrients the food pyramid recommends, but now I have found many recipes that incorporate these nutrients in a great tasting, vegetarian, way. I posted a video on my Instagram too, so if interested, check it out!


  1. How long did it take to make the tortilla soup? It sounds delicious! How can I find the video on Instagram?

  2. It took about an hour, and my username is vegbook_twentytime!

  3. Great! I'll be sure to check it out!